Pop-A-Plug® Tube Stabilizers

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Stabilize Weakened or Fractured Heat Exchanger Tubes

Ideal for any type of shell and tube heat exchanger from high pressure feedwater heaters to surface condensers.

Unique Pop-A-Plug anchoring system eliminates migration, ensuring fractured/deteriorated tubes are securely supported until retubing or sleeving can be performed.

Size Range: .501" to .960" ID (12.73mm to 24.38mm)


Standard Material: Stainless Steel - additional materials available upon request



  • Rod or cable style available
  • Bullet or wedge tip configuration available
  • Available in any length
  • Install using standard Pop-A-Plug Ram Packages
  • Anchored in position using Pop-A-Plug Technology
  • Anchors available separately

Ordering Information: When ordering, specify tube OD and wall thickness (tube ID helpful), tube material, tubesheet thickness, maximum operating pressure and temperature, length from the tubesheet face to the first tube support plate beyond the fracture, and axial clearance extending from the tube end outward (ie: length of channel head or distance to any obstruction preventing direct access to the end of the damaged tube). Specifications subject to change.

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