Shell and tube heat exchangers, condensers, pipes, piping systems and pressure vessels solutions

EST Group strives to build a strong relationship with our customers by offering top quality workmanship, excellent customer service and competitive pricing. EST Group maintains a drug free work environment and all our personnel have gone through background investigation.

EST Group provides a complete range of repair products, services and replacement parts, covering the life cycle of tubular heat exchangers and condensers; additionally EST Group provides products and services to facilitate pressure-testing pipe, piping systems, pressure vessels and their components.

Major Class of Work

  • Repair of shell & tube, spiral and double pipe heat exchangers; condensers and air coolers
  • Cleaning, inspecting, testing, plugging and sleeving of tubular heat exchangers and condensers
  • Hydrotesting flange-to-pipe, flange-to-nozzle and nozzle-to-tank weld joints

Field Services

  • Tube inspection and testing
  • Tube plugging
  • Tube cleaning
  • Tube sleeving and lining
  • Retubing – partial or full
  • Hydrotesting and line isolation – weld joints, piping systems, vessels and heat exchangers

All sales efforts are supervised from the company’s corporate headquarters in Hatfield, Pennsylvania and are supported by our regional sales and support offices located in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands and Singapore. Please contact us at any of these locations with questions or comments.

We have dedicated sales officers for each country and your nearest location will have the information you require – Get in touch today. 

Curtiss-Wright EST Group Shopfloor