Pop-A-Plug® CPI/Perma Medium Pressure Tube Plugs

Repair Leaking or Degraded Heat Exchanger and Condenser Tubes

Permanent sealing solution for leaking heat exchanger, condenser and boiler tubes. Pop-A-Plug CPI/Perma Medium Pressure Tube Plugs feature internally and externally serrated sealing rings designed to maintain a helium leak-tight seal under extreme thermal and pressure cycling.

EST Group’s mechanical tube plugs install hydraulically in minutes with a unique engineered breakaway. Controlled installation force limits operator fatigue and prevents damage to the tube, tubsheet and surrounding tubes. 

Pop-A-Plug Tube Plugs accommodate a broad range of tube sizes and materials, with full material traceability documentation available to support fossil, nuclear, refining, petrochemical and chemical industry requirements. 

Pressure Rating: Up to 1,000 PsiG (68.9 BarG)

Size Range: 0.472” to 2.067” (11.99mm to 52.5mm) Tube I.D. Larger/smaller sizes available upon request

Standard Materials: Brass, Carbon Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, 4142 Alloy, 70/30 CuNi, 90/10 CuNi, Monel, Duplex 2205, Chromoly Grade 11, Chromoly Grade 22, Titanium – additional alloys available, contact Customer Service for full list


  • Eliminates welded or explosive plugging methods
  • Resistant to thermal and pressure cycling
  • Lowest lifecycle cost compared to alternative plugging methods
  • Maintains helium leak tight seal to 1 x 10-6 cc/sec
  • Plug material matches tube material mitigating thermal expansion, contraction issues, and undesirable galvanic corrosion
  • Accommodates Through-the-Tube Plugging applications
  • Meets ASME PCC-2* recommendations and EPRI** criteria  
  • Large inventory available with 24/7 emergency manufacturing capability


*Inspection and Repair of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) PCC-2, Article 312.

** Condenser In-Leakage Guideline, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Palo Alto, CA, 2000, TR-112819 Page 7.


Pop-A-Plug® CPI/Perma Medium Pressure Tube Plugs
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