OD GripTight® High Pressure Test Plug

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Quickly and Safely Test Open or Plain End Pipe and Tube by Sealing the OD

Test open or plain end pipe and tube by sealing on pipe OD. Patented self-gripping, self-sealing design, and reliable dual seal mechanism provides unparalleled speed and safety in hydrotesting. Durable construction; corrosion resistant aluminum body and hardened grippers.

Test Pressure
Up to 5000 PsiG (345 BarG)
See Technical Specifications for full range

Size Range
1/4” to 4” (DN8 to DN100)

Standard Seal Material
Urethane with Fluoroelastomer O-ring

Features & Benefits

  • Simple spanner wrench installation
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Patented design prevents damage to seals during installation
  • Easy to maintain – seal and gripper sets are easily replaced
  • One plug can be used for a range of pipe schedules/sizes
  • Metric pipe & tubing sizes available