GripTight® Test Plug

Test Open End Pipe, Pipelines, Tubes and Pressure Vessels Quickly and Safely

  • I.D. Sealing Version
  • Pressures to 14,000 psi (960 Bar)
  • Sizes from .93" to 8.53" (23.6mm - 216.7mm) In Stock
  • Larger Sizes through 42" (1066.8 mm) Available

High pressure pipe testing is safer than ever before, thanks to EST Group's GripTight® Test Plugs. Unlike other pipe testing plugs that can loosen and eject under high pressure - even becoming dangerous projectiles - the GripTight Test Plugs actually use test pressure to seal more securely against the pipe's inner diameter. The greater the pressure - the greater the grip! The result is safer installation, better sealing and all around safer testing.


Test Plug Purpose & Functionality

GripTight Test Plugs provide a fast, safe and reliable solution for testing open ended pipe. Capable of achieving test pressures up to 14000 PsiG (960 BarG), GripTight Test Plugs eliminate the need for welding on and cutting off end caps, saving time and money on every test. The self-gripping design uses test pressure to supplement the plug’s pressure holding capability - the greater the test pressure, the greater the grip. GripTight Test Plugs incorporate a ported shaft for easy filling, venting and draining of the test system. GripTight Test Plugs are reusable, further reducing the cost per test. Wear components (seals and gripper assemblies) are field replaceable.

Basic Operation:

  • Verify pipe size (Outer Diameter, Wall Thickness, and Inner Diameter), schedule, and material
  • Place plug into the inner diameter of the pipe
  • Tighten the Compression Nut to the required installation torque
  • Fill the pipe with the test medium
  • Pressurize the pipe, hold for the required time limit
  • Depressurize and drain test medium
  • Loosen Compression Nut and remove the GripTight Test Plug

Test Plug Features & Benefits

  • Safe: Pressure on plug squeezes grippers tighter; plug can not be ejected under pressure when properly installed
  • High Pressure Performance: Have been used for pipe burst tests in a manufacturing environment. Tests at higher pressure with greater safety, typically to 80% of yield
  • Eliminates Weld Caps: No welding or cutting required. Speeds fabrication testing, reducing test times up to 80%
  • Engineered Seal Design: Reduces seal wear for long lasting performance
  • Optional High Pressure Pipe Cap: Plugs can be used in solid or ported configurations
  • Positioning Washer: Prevents plug loss in pipe end, and eliminates plug lock-up after hydro test, common with inferior plug designs
  • Retaining Spring: Assures retraction of gripper segments. Superior to O-ring design
  • Easy to Maintain: Replacement seals and grippers readily available and easy to replace
  • Optional Seals: Viton®, Silicone, EPDM
  • The Self-Gripping design provides unparalleled safety - the greater the test pressure, the greater the grip.

  • The GripTight Test Plugs are reusable. Drastically reducing the cost per test by up to 80% compared to welded-on end caps


What installation equipment is required for a GripTight Test Plug?

A standard torque wrench & appropriate size crows foot or extra-deep socket.

What is the lead time for a standard GripTight Test Plug?

A majority of sizes are available from stock and are eligible for same day shipping. If items are not in stock, every effort will be made to meet your scheduling needs.

Does the pipe need to be in a specific condition before the GripTight Test Plug can be installed?

Yes. The GripTight Test Plug is designed for use in smooth bore pipe to achieve the desired functionality. If corrosion, pitting, scale, or a seam weld is present, then some preparation is required prior to testing.

What is the average amount of time required to install and perform a pressure test with the GripTight Test Plug?

Depending on the volume of the application, the pressure tests can be completed in as little as 10 minutes from insertion to removal.

Can one GripTight Test Plug be used to test multiple pipe sizes?

No. They are size specific to the schedule of the pipe.

What is the standard seal material for the GripTight Test Plug and are alternate seal materials available?

Urethane is the standard seal material for a GripTight Test Plug. Alternate seal materials are available; the most common replacement seal material options consist of Fluoroelastomer, Neoprene, Silicone, EPDM, Natural Rubber, Nitrile/Buna-N, and SBR/ Buna-S

What is the desired test medium?

While hydrostatic testing is the safest means for accomplishing a pressure test since water is a non-compressible medium, the selfgripping feature of the GripTight Test Plug does not recognize a difference in the test medium.

Is there visible scarring from the grippers after the test has been completed?

At high pressure, minimal marring of the pipe can occur due to the gripper engagement. Customers have reported that gripper indentations may range in depth from 0.005” to 0.015” (0.13 - 0.38 mm), significantly less than the depth of a pipe imperfection that would require a weld repair

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