GripTight® PE Test Plug

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Pressure Test Polyethylene Pipe In Minutes, Not Hours!

  • 2", 3", 4", 6", and 8" Pipe Sizes (DN50 - DN200)
  • Plug Sizes to Cover 9 to 17 SDR Applications in Either HDPE or MDPE Pipe - Other Sizes Available
  • Patented Dual Seal Design
  • Conservatively Rated to 150% of Maximum Operating Pressure Required Under 49 CFR 192.513

No more having to square and round pipe ends to fuse on end caps. Just slip the GripTight® PE plugs in the open ends of a section of pipe, tighten and begin testing. Testing can be performed on installed pipe or while its still on the spool.

The Pipe End Plug uses the line test pressure to their advantage. The greater your test pressure the greater they grip and seal against the pipe. GripTight PE plugs provide a safe, secure, leak-proof seal.

Use the GripTight PE test plug as a nightcap to keep open pipe ends clean and sealed overnight or during work intervals. They can also be used to maintain positive pressure on installed pipe sections.

In recent trials at a major Gas Utility in the Eastern US, GripTight PE Test Plugs saved an average of 2 man-hours per test. Compared to fusing end caps and / or mechanical OD couplings, the GripTight PE plugs offer the fastest and safest solution when testing PE pipe.

The bottom line is this: GripTight PE test plugs speed set-up and testing while reducing downtime and crew costs. The result: You install pipe faster and that makes a difference on your bottom line.

Features & Benefits

  • Applications: Designed specifically for testing PE pipes in gas, water, wastewater and conduit service.
  • Sizes Available to Fit: 2" through 8" IPS pipe sizes in 9-17 SDR medium density or high density polyethylene pipe. Other sizes available - Contact factory.
  • Fast: Easily installed by hand; no special tools required.
  • Adjustable configuration: Additional fittings such as isolation valves, pipe caps, and pressure gauges can be easily attached to help perform testing.
  • Ported Shaft: Allows user to fill and vent through plug.
  • Easy To Maintain: Replacement seals, o-rings, and grippers readily available and easy to replace.
  • Optional Safety Gag: An added measure of safety by providing a secondary restraint of the plug.