Pop-A-Plug® Removal Tool

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For Fast, Reliable Removals - No Air or Electricity Needed

  • Removes Installed Plugs Quickly and Easily
  • Works on All Styles of Pop-A-Plugs®

EST's Pop-A-Plug® Removal Tool (PRT) is the ideal companion to our Pop-A-Plug Installation Tools - perfect for removing installed Pop-A-Plugs when it comes time to retube, sleeve or retire the bundle.

EST’s Plug Removal Tool combines a tube spear and slide hammer. Simply thread the spear tip into the exposed Pop-A-Plug pin, use the slide hammer to drive the pin back through the ring separating the plug components, tighten the spear into the ring 4-6 revolutions, and use the slide hammer to pull the ring and pin from the tube end.

The three-piece PRT consists of a main body shaft, a spear, and a slide hammer. Different spears are available to remove any size and P2 or Pop-A-Plug® CPI/Perma Heat Exchanger Tube Plug.