Pop-A-Plug® Manual Installation Tools

For Fast, Reliable Installations - No Air or Electricity Needed

  • Manually Installs Plugs Quickly and Easily
  • Works on All Styles of Pop-A-Plugs®

EST's Pop-A-Plug® Manual Installation Tool (MIT) is the perfect companion to our Pop-A-Plug 6600 Hydraulic Ram or our CQR Close Quarter Ram, providing fast, reliable installation where no air or electricity are available.

Each MIT comes complete with Pull Rod and Positioner to install the size and style Pop-A-Plug identified in the tool's model number. The same MIT body will accept all pull rods and positioners for P2's up to 1.160" and Pop-A-Plug® Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger Tube Plugging System plugs up to 1.149". The MIT can be used with manual wrenches or sockets, as well as with electric or pneumatic impact wrenches.

To use, first connect the reusable hex pull rod to the installation tool. The force needed to expand and install the Pop-A-Plug is created by tightening the hex compression nut. The locating pin acts as a reaction arm, preventing the body from spinning.