Condenser Plug Change Out

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Minimize Plant Downtime!

It’s time to change out your old rubber condenser plugs to Pop-A-Plug® Tube Plugs!

In a generating station, any forced outage is costly, especially at the peak of the generating season. All plants that support the base load of energy need to do everything possible to maximize uptime.

As an example of the costs associated with unplanned outages, a Coal-fired Generation plant incurred almost $10.9 million in losses due to almost 1369 hours (over 8 weeks) of downtime due to process water contamination.  Causes for the failures were varied but one of the single largest (34%) was due to the failure of previously installed rubber condenser plugs!

These outages call for a proactive change out of old rubber/elastomer tube plugs to the Pop-A-Plug Tube Plugs for reliable, permanent sealing of leaking and degraded tube plugs.

Pop-A-Plug Tube Plugs are proven to provide the lowest lifecycle cost for all types of plug systems used in heat exchanger maintenance.

Pop-A-Plug Tube Plug kits are available with 24/7 emergency service for any unplanned outage that may arise – anywhere. EST Group also offers outage job boxes for large plants needing a variety of plugs for their condenser systems.

The Engineered Solution
Pop-A-Plug Tube Plugs have a unique internally serrated pin/ring seal design constructed of the same material as the tube metal, providing a reliable helium leak-tight seal. Installation is always a precisely controlled and repeatable process. Pop-A-Plug Tube Plugs are acceptable for use in coated tubes and tubesheets as well with no damage to the tubes or tubesheets.

Pop-A-Plug CPI/Perma plugs are rated at 1000 PsiG (69 BarG) for safe consistent plugging. And since the plug material is always matched to the tube material, thermal expansion is always consistent between the tube and the plug, eliminating the opportunity for thermally induced leaks. In addition, the installation tooling is designed for easy use to reduce fatigue and minimize the need to enter confined spaces to do the repair work, and no welding of any kind is ever required!

Top 5 Reasons to Replace Elastomer/Polymer Plugs with
Pop-A-Plug® Tube Plugs

  1. You have leaking condenser plugs resulting in cooling water inleakage, causing increased forced outage hours
  2. You have experienced increased water chemistry costs attributed to inleakage
  3. You have had secondary equipment failures caused by inleakage
  4. You have incurred increased costs to identify leaking or compromised tube plugs
  5. You have had Loss of Offsite Power (LOOP) events (Nuclear Power Plants) and the elastomer plugs you are using are degrading and expelling


Curtiss Wright EST is committed to minimizing plant downtime with our condenser plugs. Any forced outage is costly, so we provide an engineered solution that is suitable for your application.  

Choose the Industry Standard!!

Pop-A-Plug Tube Plugs have been the industry standard, in use by 95% of all Nuclear Power plants in the USA.

Recognized by:

  • NUPIC 10CFR50 ApB; NOA-1
  • TUV
  • EPRI
  • ASME PCC-2
  • US Navy
  • CRN

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