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Smart Ram 640T ACHE Adapter

Install Pop-A-Plug Tube plugs in Air Cooled Heat Exchangers with our Smart Ram 640T Cordless installation tool.

Size Range Capability

  • Pop-A-Plug® CPI/Perma Plugs:  V471 to V1212
      - Tube ID:  0.472” to 1.336” (11.99 mm - 33.93 mm)
  • Pop-A-Plug® P2 Plugs:  P2400 to P21160
      - Tube ID:  0.400” to 1.180” (10.19 mm - 29.99 mm) 


  • Working pressures to 7000 PsiG (480 BarG)
  • Helium leak tight to 1x10-10 cc/sec
  • 12” (30 cm) extension length


  • Safe − installed plugs will not leak or eject under pressure
  • Convenient − no hot work permits, or welding required
  • Fast − return units to service as fast as 1/10th the time of welding
  • Portable − ideal for remote work locations, no electric/air supply needed
  • Provides ASME PCC-2 compliant tube repair
  • Eliminates tripping hazards
  • No damage to header box plug threads, tubes, tube joints or tubesheets
  • Stand-Off ring allows for precise and uniform plug installation
  • No foreign material (break-away) left after installation
  • Lowest installed cost compared to conventional plugging methods

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