Delivering Speed and Safety to Pipe Testing & Isolation

To avoid costly overruns and delays, plants must identify the safest and most effective testing & isolation approach for a diverse set of pipe materials, test conditions and testing environments. 

EST Group designs and manufactures plugs to expedite pressure testing and isolation of piping, tubing, and pressure vessels.

Proven Performer for Pressure Testing 

Our GripTight MAX® Test Plug eliminates the need to weld on end caps and/or test heads reducing test times by up to 80%. When properly installed, the patented gripper technology allows the plug operate safely in applications with working pressures up to 15,000 PsiG (1,034 BarG). Our GripTight® Elbow Test Plug provides a testing solution for systems terminating in long radius elbows up to 3,350 PsiG (231 BarG), and also eliminates welding on end caps and/or test heads. Its patented floating, self-aligning grippers & seal make for an orientation free installation, with no need to align with the elbow.

Safe and Secure Isolation 

The GripTight® Isolation Plug allows operators to isolate and monitor potentially explosive vapors during hot work and safely hydrotest new weld connections with one tool!

GripTight Isolation Plugs integrate our GripTight gripper technology and the functionality of a conventional Double Block and Bleed for increased operational safety, minimizing risk of accidental blowouts/expulsions due to unexpected upstream pressure. Our GripTight Isolation Plug is pressure rated up to 2,250 PsiG (155 BarG) between the seals and 1,500 PsiG (103 BarG) for upstream pressures.

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