Unique Test Plug for Long Radius Elbows


EST Group’s GripTight® Elbow Test Plug is designed specifically for testing pipe spools and piping systems terminating in long radius elbows. Our test plug eliminates the time-consuming process of welding on / cutting off end caps and/or test heads, pre-heat and PWHT, saving hours of labor! Find out how much time you can save by clicking here

The best part? GripTight Elbow Test Plugs can be re-used for multiple projects.

  • Orientation free installation – no need to align with elbow
  • Patented self-aligning gripper & seal design - fits any long radius elbow 
  • Standard sizes for NPS ranging from 2” thru 24” (DN50-DN600) - larger sizes available upon request
  • Test pressures up to 3350 PsiG (231 BarG) - higher pressures available upon request

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