G-450 Tube Tester

Enables testing of straight tube heat exchangers with restricted access

  • Provides a Fast and Effective Method for Pneumatically Testing Heat Exchanger Tubes and Tube-to-Tubesheet Joints for Leaks

G-450 Tube Tester is designed to allow testing of straight tube heat exchangers when access is restricted to one end of the tube. Ideal for testing tubes in floating head HX applications with the tube bundles in place. Saves time expense of open both ends of the bundle, or pulling, handling and replacing the tube bundles.

The G-450 Tube Tester will pneumatically test individual heat exchanger tubes for pinhole leaks. Either the entire tube bundle or an isolated number of tubes in the bundle can be tested. The G-450 utilizes standard plant air supplies from 40 to 125 psi (2.7-8.6 Bar). Interchangeable Support Rod & Tube Assemblies, and Seal and Washer Sets allow the G-450 to test tube sizes from 0.500" to 1.230" (12.70mm to 31.24mm) I.D.

Specify the following information when ordering:

  • Tube OD and wall thickness
  • Tube length, tubesheet face-to-face dimension
  • Number of tubes to be tested
  • Length or depth of any channel head present, or
  • Distance from open tubesheet face to any obstruction along the bundle axis that would block unrestricted access to the tube end.

Features & Benefits

The G-450 Tube Tester is straight forward:


Install the correctly sized seals and washers on the Support Rod & Tube Assembly. Insert the Support Rod & Tube Assembly into the tube to be tested (some assembly may be required). Attached the G-450 Gun to the Support Rod quick coupling. Press the air control valve button, air expands the seals on Support Rod and pressurizes the tube. When the air pressure within the tube stabilizes, release the air control valve. Any reduction of pressure indicated on the large pressure gauge will reveal even the smallest tube leak. Ask about the optional digital pressure gauge.

G-450 Tube Tester
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